This site is devoted primarily to my love of Yoga and Indian Classical dance.  It will also be a way for me to let you know of classes, workshops and events as they unfold, and any other tidbits of information that come along to share. For reasons still unknown to me, I’ve been drawn to these traditions which have carried me on a path I could have never “planned.” Quite simply, I was pulled by their mystery and beauty, and their transformative power. The body, indeed is a temple-a means for worship, contemplation, and devotion.  It is a gateway, a physical and tangible way for us to go deeper into who we really are. Our very breath is a constant mantra, a reminder that we are breathed.  With conscious awareness through the physical, we can become more present to the fullness and truth as it is in every moment.

I hope to share with you just a little of the vastness that these traditions offer.  It is with love and gratitude that I share these fruits of beauty and wisdom.

In Peace, Sonja.