The Art of Bhakti Yoga


“The relationship between art and yoga extends from antiquity. Artistic expression was once that most unique, potent arena in which one reached beyond oneself, by diving within oneself. ” I love this. This is just one extract from a beautiful article recently posted on Elephant, “Windows Into Pure Love: The Art of Bhakti Yoga.” It’s an inspiring reminder for any of us moving beyond our base perceptions of possibility. In fact, this article states that the only time the two sides of our brains are in “harmonious dialogue” is when we engage artistically or in yogic meditation-allowing us to expand our conscious awareness and levels of perception.

“Yoga asks that we entertain infinite possibilities, beyond rational thought, and exercise new ways of being… Then it moves us to share these new perspectives with others.” From this place we can share our creativity whether through painting, art, dance, music or whatever- like the bhakti yogis expressing through the “eyes of pure love” as a means to nurture, support and give to one another. Om shanti!


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