Yoga & Dance Entwined

I recently reread a little of what my teacher’s teacher had to say about the dance as yoga and just wanted to share it. In addition to their parallels of devotion, purification, practice, humility, discipline, single mindedness and surrender…

Some thoughts by T. Balasaraswati:


The yogi by controlling his breath and by modifying his body acquires the halo of sanctity…the dancer, who dissolves her identity in rhythm and music, makes her body an instrument for the experience and expression of the spirit.’

‘The greatest blessing of Bharatanatyam is its ability to control the mind.’

‘The yogi achieves serenity through concentration that comes from discipline. The dancer brings together her feet, hands, eyes, ears and singing into a fusion which transforms the serenity of the yogi into a torrent of beauty. The spectator, who is absorbed in intently watching this, has his mind freed of distractions and feels a great sense of clarity. In their shared involvement, the dancer and the spectator are both released from the weight of worldly life, and experience the divine joy of the art with a sense of total freedom.’

dsc06772-guru-patanjali-z-bThanks to the yogini dancers this weekend who re-inspired the ever present connection…


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